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DiDi coordinator

Fall 2019 (14weeks) at ArtCenter College of Design

sponsored by DiDi chuxing car sharing.


A sustainable crowdsourcing program that provides a gamified maintenance mission if shared vehicles for people to monetize.

# UX Design

# System Design

# DiDi chuxing sponsored project

Collaborate with Sara, Kexuan, Sanggil. 


Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effects 

System diagram


Locations and maintenances info is collected to the DiDi agent and based on the demands, missions are shown to users. Users able to decides what missions they want to accomplish. When the mission is done the user can earn a reward that can be used in DiDi services or cooperated third parties' services.   

DiDi coordinator 

Through the gamified task mode, DiDi coordinator provides some users with the opportunity to make money while benefiting from their company's vehicle maintenance.

Pain points 

More human resources needed

Stations Are Never Enough

스크린샷 2020-03-22 오후 6.57.06.png

Wages are paid by a fixed period, not by task.

Some maintenance can be done at the station. 

What are the maintenance tasks open to untrained people? 

스크린샷 2020-03-22 오후 8.59.01.png

Transporting to another station/body shop

Cleaning station

Time & fee depend on the task.

Checking condition

Fixed pay rate per station.

Fixed pay rate per car.

Maintenance tasks are divided into three categories. Baed on coordinators' experiences, they can apply high skills required tasks or simple tasks that can be done by following manuals. A cleaning station is the most simple and easy, open for everyone who has a time. Checking the condition and transporting required certain skills and experiences.  

System benefits 


Opening up a small gig economy throughout a city.

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