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A location-based 

social media platform / funtion  



3m X 3m


Account history

Active account


How to get an account.

A collective city's accounts are based on a space which is 3m by 3m long. 

Users can apply for an account if they are local residents or have personal interest and connection.


Temporary ownership for public AR space. 

The account system for a person is not permanent. A user holds an account for a certain period( 3~6months). After that, it will be expired and the account will be ready for the next user. 

Account's history system.

Previous accounts' objects are changed to transparent and move above become a part of account history. This history exists as a palimpsest of the location. 

#account history   #territory of one account

Define a territory of one account.

When a viewer enters to a certain account, other surrounding accounts look transparent. 


How to easily make 3D objects and texts.

For images, there are default 3D models and people can attach an image as a texture. For texts, AR brush can be a way to make 3D texts. 

#1 Individuality of social media platform / Process  


We post things such as our daily life, personal interests and our own works on SNS. My personal SNS account and others' accounts are separate worlds, even if we all exist on the same platform. I use these SNS features to investigate what AR spaces individuals would like to create in a particular park.


I designed a virtual location-based SNS system and explained it to 6 Koreans. They all assigned the same park about 100m² in the center of Seoul. They gave me a lot of feedback during the time. In particular, the process of changing from a screen-based general SNS interface to AR SNS that utilizes space has been gradually shown. Starting from placing simple images and texts in the space, they developed an individual space as well as a relationship with the surrounding city area.

#distance signs  #recommending nearby restaurants 

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#for the small park  #personal interests + pet house  

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#garden + Sunny day  #dream place 

#distance signs  #recommending nearby restaurants (VR testing)

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