City of Operational Textures

Fall 2018 (14weeks) at ArtCenter College of Design.

An imaginary city that has different operational textures that could replace walls, doors, and even traffic signals. Through the poster, feelings from various floor textures were visualized by using patterns that help viewers to imagine.


# Graphic Design


# City Landscape


Adobe Illustrator /  Adobe Photoshop


What if in the future, there is a way to physically prevent someone to come in because of an unpleasant feeling from the floor? 

In this system, safety and security are based on floor physical feedback. Each neighborhood has different textures. The boundaries between them are identified by physical feedback form the floors. When a car or a person has no permission to enter, the floor will give an unpleasant feeling that visualized as patterns such as wet, bumpy and slippery. For the intersection, grooves are work as a traffic signal.   



Field trip to Salton sea 

IMG_1453 2.jpg

The collage shows the various floor textures that I'd expericed in Salten sea. The textures in nature replaced with similar textures that can be seen in the city. Fish that died and dried up on Salten sea beach were replaced by sneakers also found on the beach. 

The moving blue line shows the waves, and the sneakers that have been pushed by the waves accumulate on the beach. As you get closer to Salten sea, you will see a moist and slippery mud floor like cereals with milk. Sand far from lack will be rough and crisp like an oxidized can and cookies.