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Collective City
an AR Urbanism

How can physical cities allow us to experience the diversity and colorful lives of its inhabitants the way social media does?
# Social AR experiences  # Psychogeography

Virtual Car

A single-vehicle platform for DiDi car-sharing that provides

an adaptable vehicle environment agent which enhances the temporary ownership experience of shared vehicles in 2025+.



A dynamic system that simultaneously connects the returning users and nearby picking up users to increase the vehicle turn-around rate.


Pastel Mall

Redesigning a new shopping experience with recommendation service based on user multi-profiles.

# Graphic Design
Various graphic design and illustration works
# Design Research # Mixed Reality

AR markers

Curating the physical world to curate the virtual world. Inspired by origami structures to transform AR markers

Textile operating system

TOS is a flattened furniture system that creates a mixed-reality home. In this project, humans coexisting with augmented furniture pieces.
# UX Design # Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality

AR Camouflage helps you merge with your surroundings.  With AR clothing, a user turns into a common object that suits the environment in which a user lives. 
# UX Design # Mixed Reality

City of operational textures

An imaginary city that has different operational textures that could replace walls, doors, and even traffic signals.
# Graphic Design # City Landscape
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